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Nuvo Ritmo 21280 Pregnancy Audio Belt
By Ritmo

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SKU: 21280
UPC: 893700002128

Price: $79.95

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Ritmo is a simple yet sophisticated way to effectively deliver sounds, music and recorded voices safely from your MP3 or smartphone directly to your developing baby in the womb.

Ritmo proprietary four-speaker surround sound belt, built into each product, offers a high-quality audio experience, all while remaining lightweight and comfortable enough for future mamas to wear at-home and on-the-go.

No matter what your choice in music is, Ritmo also allows you and your baby to listen and bond through your favorite tunes and spoken stories.

Since babies tend to move around all over their mother’s stomachs, music and sounds need to be strategically placed in different locations to effectively reach them - no matter where their heads are. Ritmo is designed in the shape of a belt that strategically places four speakers in different locations across the mother’s belly. By using four speakers instead of one or two, Ritmo creates a surround-sound system across the entire womb instead of concentrating sounds in specific areas. In addition, Ritmo’s specially engineered resonance cells minimize sound leakage in order to deliver high quality sound, even to the youngest listeners safe listening level.

Research shows that sounds placed in one area on a mother’s belly may be unsafe for the baby as there is too much sound concentration at that location. Ritmo solves this problem with its strategically placed four-speaker surround-sound system on your belly.


  • Superior quality acoustics with 4 removable speakers
  • Superior pregnancy belt design for maximum support and comfort, using top quality power elastic materials
  • Compatible with any 3.5 mm MP3 player headphone socket
  • Music plays directly from the smartphone or MP3


  • 1 x RitmoTM Pregnancy Belt
  • 4 x Mini Premium Speakers
  • 1 x Audio Splitter
  • 1 x Extender Belt

4.72   Y: 4.72   Z: 4.72
Weight: 5.00 lb

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