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Slim Guide SKFLDBK Skinfold Caliper - Black With MT05 MyoTape Body Tape Measure
By Slim Guide

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UPC: 045625001599

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The Slim Guide skinfold caliper is the most widely used professional body fat caliper in the world. This accurate and easy to use pistol grip caliper is made of durable ABS plastic.

  • Economical professional performance.
  • Includes a 22 page book "How to Measure Your % Bodyfat" with numerous illustrations and explanations on proper technique and procedures.
  • Provides information on how to determine muscle loss or gain, how to determine frame size and how to find a persons weight for a desired bodyfat level.
  • Utilizes one, two or four body skinfold locations to calculate bodyfat levels - front of upper arm, back of upper arm, waist and upper back.
  • Male and female charts include frame size, bodyfat calculations for 1, 2 or 4 test locations and height/weight.
  • Exerts 10 grams of pressure per square millimeter of skinfold.
  • Comparable jaw pressure and contact area to calipers costing 6 times as much.
  • Comfortable "Pistol Grip" operation.
  • Provides consistent accuracy.
  • Durable ABS plastic construction.
  • Lifetime Warranty

Track all of your body measurements and progress as your muscles grow and your unwanted fat goes away. This is the perfect complement to the Accu-Measure brand of Body Fat Calipers. (However, if you want a MyoTape for FREE, it comes copacked with the purchase the FatTrack GOLD Digital Body Fat Caliper from AccuFitness.)

  • Measures any body part ¿ arm, thigh, calf, chest, waist, hips, and more!
  • Stylish design helps with ease of measurement
  • Push-button retraction and locking feature ensure snug measurement and superior accuracy
  • Sturdy vinyl tape makes it long lasting. Simple to use.
  • Measures up to 60 inches in length (152 cm)

Weight: 3.05 lb

* within the 48 continental US States

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