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Adaptive Star Special Needs Strollers
Adaptive Star Special Needs Strollers

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Adaptive Star's mission is to fulfill the dreams of families with products and services that benefit their daily lives. Adaptive Star's commitment grows with every member that joins our family, to listen, to learn, and to improve service, innovation and products. Adaptive Star grows with every phone call, every shipment, every giddy success, and every discouraging failure. Adaptive Star believe in G.O.M.A.D(Go Out & Make A Difference!) More about Adaptive Star...
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Adaptive Star
AI2011AK, Axis Kit (swivel wheels)

Model #: AI2011AK
In Stock - Ships within 24 hours

Price: $199.99
Our Indoor Swivel Wheels converts your Axiom Improv 16" Front Wheel to Indoor Swivel Wheel that manu...
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Adaptive Star
AI2010AWC, Rain Canopy

Model #: AI2010AWC

Price: $127.99
Adaptive Star Rain Canopy fit over the Sun Canopy and goes all the way down to the foot rest, enclos...
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Adaptive Star Special Needs Strollers

Adaptive Star Special Needs Strollers

Adaptive Star we believe in Going Out & Making a Difference, we hope you will join us on our journey.

Adaptive Star was founded in 2009 to provide families with alternative Indoor/Outdoor Mobility Products.

Adaptive Star focuses on developing products that give families the opporunity to experience adventures they may not be able to otherwise.

Adaptive Star llc is a Company whose foundation is built on the belief of Family, Respect, Love, and Acceptance.

Our family includes those who we work together with at Adaptive Star, many friends near and far, and most importantly our Axiom passengers and their families.

We believe in seeing life from a new perspective and as someone very wise taught us we believe in not letting life be defined by a diagnosis, and to provide ourselves and others the ability to make the impossible "Possible".


To Greg & Teri Durrin and our adopted family at Adaptive Star-

We cannot thank you enough for stopping to listen and care about our family. After three years of aggravation, lugging around heavy and awkward mobility equipment we finally have a product that lets us be a family!

We had a daunting list of needs and demands...a full sun canopy, easy maneuverability, light weight, able to collapse into a sedan trunk, plenty of on board storage space, five-point safety harness, multiple seat back positions, and oh yeah...can you make sure it looks like everyone else``s stroller?

Your staff met each request with understanding, compassion, thoughtfulness, and a heartfelt desire to exceed every expectation.

The Axiom 1 meets all of Rylee``s needs, and our needs as an active family. We cannot thank you enough for giving us back our life, allowing us to focus on what is most important-making memories and having fun!

The Davis Family, West Virginia
Aaron, Deborah, Ryann, and Rylee

To our Adaptive Star Family,

We are so thankful for you and for our new stroller! Our Adaptive Star experience has exceeded our expectations in so many ways. We are so happy with our product and we are telling everyone we know about it!

It took us a while to find what we needed for our daughter, Ellie Kate. I have to say, we were picky – looking for something that was as convenient and easy as a stroller, something that wouldn’t draw attention to our little girl. We needed something with a sun-shade since Ellie is sensitive to light and heat. Also on the list was a large basket for a suction machine and for her feeding pump. We needed something that was easy to navigate and easy to fold and lift.

While there are many quality equipment products out there, I couldn’t find anything that met what I was looking for and what we really needed . . . until we found out about Adaptive Star!

I was impressed with your company from the very beginning, when I initially emailed an inquiry. I didn’t receive a generic response – I received a personal reply from Teri Durin. Teri got back to me in such a timely manner and was eager to help! I didn’t feel just like a customer; I felt like a friend.

Adaptive Star is true to its name – you adapted the product to our daughter’s specific needs. You made a stroller just for Ellie Kate – fit to her measurements and needs. You made it what we needed it to be, and I have never experienced anything like that with any other equipment company! I cannot thank Teri and Greg enough for all that they have done for our family with our stroller. It truly is a gift – meeting every criteria that we had set and going above and beyond our expectations.

Thank you, Adaptive Star, for being so personal and for meeting the needs of so many with your amazing products!

The McLaughlin Family, OklahomaMichael, Ryan, Con ner, Ell ie Kate, and Henry

An E-mail From the Braynt Family below, after Tammy``s amazing race :)

To the Crew at Adpative Star,

We wanted to thank you for all you are doing for Tammy and to let you know just how much this means to all of us. I wish you
could have been here for The Main Street Mile. Tammy had the time of her life being pushed by Adam and being in the loaner
chair! It meant more than you can possibly know. This was the fastest mile Tammy has ever run and she was the fastest
woman of any of the heats at the race, thanks to Adam and your chair! I am going to add a few pictures for you to have too.

Wayne pushed Tammy in another race last night in Iowa that had almost 2,000 people in it, plus we have one next weekend
too. I’m sure this chair will be getting quite a workout! While at the race last night Wayne spoke to a man pushing another
wheelchair and he is very interested about the new chair. I gave him our email address so we may be hearing from him soon.
Wayne wanted me to tell you that he was going back and forth with the man in the other chair for the first 2 miles but by the last
2, with the help of this loaner chair, he beat them to the finish line!

We are all very excited about this new chair, and very grateful! I just wish I had the words to convey how very much this means to all of us!! Thanks again.

Wayne, Bonnie and Tammy

E-mailed to Teri at Adaptive Star July 12, 2009

Tammy & Dad after a big race. Tammy came in second, yahoooooooo go Tammy! ( And dad to of course) :)

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you at Adaptive Star…. I am late with
letting you know that the foot wells came, but I wanted to send a
picture. We ran the Turkey Trot here in Fredericksburg as a family
today, thanks to the jogging stroller. No one had to stay behind…
Major thankfulness for that!!

Here is Brandy in the jogger and she looks WAY more comfy!

Thank you!

Hope your holiday was wonderful!



Emailed to Cindy at Adaptive Star on November 26, 2009

Our 16 year old son Eric has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. We are a very active family and Eric has always enjoyed being
part of our outdoor activities. As he has gotten older and has grown in size it has been more difficult to find a jogger that is built
strong enough to handle his weight and also is tough enough to handle less than optimal terrain. After much research and
talking to many people we purchased the Axiom jogger. We are very happy with it. From the first moment he was in it we could
tell that Eric loved it. The Axiom is well built and very comfortable. We have taken it with us on numerous walks and for light
jogs. It is stable and easy to maneuver, even going over hills and off road through rocky terrain. We have also used it on the
rough cobblestones of Boston and over the many curbs in New York City. It has performed optimally through each and every
adventure. We do not hesitate to recommend the Axiom jogger and can truthfully say that it has added a lot of fun to Eric``s life.


Emailed to Cindy at Adaptive Star On Tue, Dec 29, 2009

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