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Toofeze - Baby Teether
Toofeze - Baby Teether

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The History of Teething RingsThe definition of a teething ring is simple – it is a small ring for an infant to bite on while teething More about Toofeze...
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Baby Teether/Soother, Green

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hat Makes the Toofeze Teether So COOL?Toofeze® is a functional, durable, and all-natural alternative...
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Toofeze - Baby Teether

Toofeze - Baby Teether
The History of Teething RingsThe definition of a teething ring is simple – it is a small ring for an infant to bite on while teething.
How the typical shape evolved into ring, though, is a bit of a mystery.
One legend has it that in 1683, a certain Jewish baker from Vienna gifted the King of Poland some of his bagels. They gained popularity as a motherhood gift, and they would use them as a nutritious “teething ring” that was easy to grasp that their babies could chew on.
But from this simple definition comes a surprisingly complicated variety of what people tend to call a teething ring, and we now see teethers that are in the shape of animals, pacifiers, and key chains. They are made of everything from plastic to wood, and some are even made out of cloth. Many are colorful, some are plain. There are even those that make squeaky or rattling sounds.
The variety of offerings boggles the mind!
As a matter of fact, partly because of the variety of teethers out there, some consider the term “teething ring” to be traditional, if not a bit outdated. More modern terms include “teething device”, “teething tool”, “teething toy”, and even “teething jewelry”.
But while variety is all well and good, there is one adage that holds true in the design of most things, including what we call teething rings:
Form Follows Function
Regardless of whether it looks like a ring or an animal, an effective teething device needs to include certain characteristics in order to be effective. It has to offer a variety of surfaces, be easy for your baby to handle, be easy to clean, and, above all, be safe for your baby to use. After all, it really is a tool, no matter how cute it might look. The whole idea is to help get you and your baby through the difficult time of cutting teeth.
So once these basic requirements are met, people are able to get a little creative. But regardless of their shape or size, the fallback term is still “teething ring”, and this is the term we use most often on this website. After all, the Toofeze teething ring really is in the shape of a ring.
In the end, it turns out that there really is a lot to say about teething rings and the job that they do. So if you are interested in more details, make sure you visit our blog.
In the meantime, here’s to your baby’s health, and happy teething!
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